Your Present Life is Your Own Fault

What’s Your Story?

Your success or failure in life is your own fault but you can still change it.  Learn how in this article…

I’d like to start out by sharing something with you I heard this morning while I was getting my coffee at Dunkin Donuts.

The story takes place up in heaven where everyone was happy, surrounded by their friends and loved ones. While they were all there chatting Jesus showed up walking through the crowds when he noticed this old man who was sitting by himself in a corner with his head in his hands looking very sad.

Jesus walked up to him and said “Why are you so sad?”

The old man said “I lost my son, he was very close to me and I really miss him.”

Jesus responded to him by saying “I know what it’s like I lost my father and I really miss him. He was a carpenter.”

To that the old man looked at him with a big smile and said “I was also a carpenter.”

Jesus looked at him and said “father?”

The old man responded “Pinocchio?”

I want to speak you about your story.

What’s the story you keep telling yourself about things that are important?

What’s the story you keep saying when someone asks how you are?

Do tell him that you feel great?

Do tell them that you feel a cold coming on?

Or do you tell them about every day in pain and inconvenience going on in your life?

Whatever story you keep telling yourself that’s exactly how your life will turn out.

One of the main features of the subconscious mind is that what will always give you exactly what you focus on. That’s just how you’re wired and the way things work.

Take a moment to think about that for a while:

  • Notice how when you hear people say that they feel sick all the time; how they usually are sick.
  • Notice how when people always say they feel great; how they usually do feel great.
  • People who are always complaining about things, always seem to have more things happening to them to complain about.
  • People who are always positive usually seem to have a positive lifestyle.

The way your life is right now is 100% validation of the story that you keep telling yourself.

So once again what story you keep telling yourself?

If you want to change the way you feel or the circumstances in your life simply change the story.

Rather than saying that you never have enough money to pay your bills; try saying:

“I have more than enough money to meet my needs.”

Rather than saying that you have aches and pains all the time; try saying:

“I have perfect health and I feel great!”

Here’s an exercise you can use to turn things around in your life.

Write down all the negative things you’d like to improve on that’s happening in your life right now.

Underneath each one write down what you’d like to see if you were were creating a story of the perfect life for yourself.

In that perfect life with the corrected situation what would be the story that you told yourself or others?

How about something like:

“I am very successful. Opportunity is always attractive to me. I make $600 a day-$200,000 a year. I have $1000 in cash in my pocket every day. I am extremely healthy. I have a spectacular relationship with my partner and I am so happy that she came into my life.”

If the life you are living is a direct validation of the story that you’re telling yourself, what sort of life would you have as a result of telling this new story?

Isn’t it time to change your story?

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