Your Mental Guided Missile

missile-2A Surefire Way to Attain “All” Your Goals!

Why is it that people who are positive minded have such happier lives than those who aren’t? Why do some people always seem to have good things happen to them and others are destined to failure?

It all begins with the subconscious mind. I’ve been teaching about the traits of the subconscious mind for many years and I’d like to remind you about one of the most important ones right now:

“The subconscious mind will always, always, always give you what you focus on.”

Notice I didn’t say it will always give you what you want, I said what you focus on.
That’s one of its main purposes. No matter what you focus on it’s as if your subconscious is saying; “Your wish is my command.”

That sounds wonderful, right? It can also cause lots of problems as well! The average human being has approximately 64,000 thoughts a day. Although we don’t focus on every one of them, we do focus on enough to create confusion.

Imagine having your very own personal genie that grants every wish or in this case every focused thought…

Now imagine that everything you focus on, I mean every one of them is being granted…

Think about the contradictions in what you focus on, on a daily basis… especially if you’re an entrepreneur…

We’re told to think big, that if a goal doesn’t make you nervous it’s not big enough!
So here’s how we focus:

  • I want to make $1 million by next year at this time in my business! (Your wish is granted)
  • What if I don’t get it? What if it’s too big? (Wish granted again)
  • Do I really deserve $1 million for what I do? (Wish granted)
  • I know I can do it, I’m really good at what I do. (Wish granted)
  • But what if people don’t like what I have? (Wish granted)
  • Maybe I should lower my expectations. (Wish granted)

Just in a matter of 5 minutes your thought process focused on your goal of making $1 million:

  • Then went to doubt…
  • Then it went to unworthiness…
  • Then back to confidence…
  • Then doubt again…
  • Then to lowering your expectations …
  • And then back to wanting a million dollars…

Each one of those thoughts was a wish that was granted. But what happens when you make so many wishes that are all contradicting each other? It’s like firing a missile that’s going out-of-control. You’re not just shooting at a target sitting straight in front of you.

The target or your goal is moving all over the place as you’re trying to focus on it but your target hasn’t gone away, it’s still there. The only thing that gave up on your $1 million is you, due to all your contradicting thoughts.

Here’s a good example that will make more sense to you. Right now… take a few moments to focus on seeing a butterfly in the next 48 hours… If you continue focusing on seeing a butterfly in the next 48 hours you’ll see one. It may be flying around outside your front door right now. If it’s winter you may see one on television or maybe somebody will walk bye you wearing a butterfly necklace, but you will see one.

Why? As soon as you focused on it, it became a wish and was granted. Since it’s such an irrelevant thing you really have no doubt or worry that it won’t happen.

Since there’s no doubt or worry, there are no opposing wishes contradicting it so you’ll be able to see one or maybe even more within the 48 hours.

In the case of $1 million, the same thing is happening. To the universe giving you $1 million or seeing a butterfly are both just as simple. It doesn’t matter and it’s just as easy to do. The only thing standing in your way is you.

  • You begin with contradicting thoughts of doubt, fear or unworthiness.
  • Maybe you have money issues that you’ve inherited from your parents.
  • Maybe your wealth mindset needs to be adjusted.
  • Some people even think having lots of money is evil.

Imagine the kind of focus they’re attracting….

So the only thing standing in your way of getting the million dollars is your own thought process. Now you can understand why goal-setting is so important and why so many courses have been written on this topic.

The clearer you define your goals, the easier they will be to imagine and…
The easier they are to imagine, the more you’ll be able to keep your focus.

So when you create your goal of whatever it may be, keep in mind that your wish “has” been granted and is on its way, in the same way that a missile once fired will “always” find a target.

But here’s the important key: Once the missile has been fired and the target begins to move you must make continual “course corrections” following your target until your missile hits its mark.

“You must make continual course corrections following your target until your missile hits its mark.”

This is why it’s called a guided missile! You’re guiding it by being aware of what you’re focusing on;

  • Keeping your focus on target as much as possible until you attain it.
  • Identifying and eliminating negative thoughts, doubt, fear, worthiness issues or any other hindrances that might stand in your way.
  • Understanding that your wish has been granted; because it has.

Focusing on this will eliminate any distractions and keep you on track! There’ll be no reason for doubt because you’ll realize that your wish has already been granted.

Some people understand this process of thoughts attracting things as the Law of Attraction but you now understand it also to be one of the basic traits of the subconscious mind.

You have an Out-Of-Control Genie within you that will always, always, always give you what you focus on.

This gift of being able to use our thoughts to create our destiny is one of the greatest gifts that have ever been given to man and the more we understand how the human mind works, the more we realize that:

  1. We’re the creators of our own destiny.
  2. Thoughts do become things.
  3. And that you can always attain your goals!

Make a goal of sharing this with your friends right now!  They’ll be glad you did…

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