“Skipper Rene”

I’m Building a Boat!

It’s time to start one of my BUCKET LIST Items.

On this page I plan on sharing the journey with you every step of the way. You’ll see the good, the bad and the ugly… (Yes even my goofs)

For other would-be boat builders and those who are curious about the details I’m going to list equipment and materials I use and put pictures up about the different stages.

I hope you enjoy it and share your comments with me along the way… Who knows, maybe someday we’ll go fishing in it and catch ourselves a tuna. 🙂

Plans to build the 19′ Quintana Wide Panga


Here’ the write-up about it on Spira International where I bought the blueprints to build it:

The Quintana is a Panga style boat designed to be extra wide for a builder who is planning to use it offshore extensively and to have the ability to take his family cruising in the ocean. The sides are a bit wider as well. This heavy-duty 19 footer should be able to handle the rough water with ease and survive as a highly sable offshore fishing boat.

Here’s an update to this point when I’m building the page on Aug 10th, 2017

  • Accumulated just about all the tools required to build the boat.
  • Cleaned out place in the garage to build it that is very tight but I’ll have a few feet to move around.
  • Bought the plans for the boat about 2 weeks ago from Spira
  • Purchased about 3000 stainless screws from Ebay.
  • Going to purchase all my other supplies as time goes bye.

ESTIMATED DATE OF COMPLETION: May 19th, 2018 just in time for Stripper Season and also my 60th birthday (I know I only look 30, right?)

HERE WE GO – Day #1 Who-Hoo!!!

8saw-horse/10/2017 – Went to Home Depot to purchase wood to build the strong-back to hold the frame of the boat, the transom, some of the frame portions and to build 3 saw-horses to create a makeshift table to create the plans to build the 9 frame segments of the boat frame.

Spent about an hour in the shop building the saw-horses and put a sheet of 1/4 ” plywood on it to build the table.



I’m going to increase the length of the boat to 21 foot. Here’s a picture of a similar one.  Mine will have a center console as well.

8/13/2017 – Built my first 3 of 9 cross section frames yesterday and today after work. (Numbers 3. 4 and 9) Each frame seems to take about  three 2″x4″s to complete. The measuring is a lot more intricate than I expected but so far so good… Just 6 more to go and then I can begin building my strong-back to attach the frames to in order to complete the boat skeleton.

8/16/2017 – Purchased about 12 more 2x4s for the frames and built a few more.  Only 3 left.  Here’s a few pictures of the frames so you know what I’m talking about:


8/18/2017 Here’s a movie of my progress so far.  I took the video on my cell phone recording straight to YouTube to see how it would work out but it’s pretty pixelated. You can still see what’s going on though.

8/24/2017 – Finished all 9 cross-frames and the transom today.  That’s it below with all the clamps on it. This one was the most difficult to make. Now it’s time to make the strong-back and create the skeleton of the boat.



8/30/2017 – I mentioned in the beginning of this page that I’d show you the tools and materials used to build the boat so here’s a video I took today showing what I have to this point. Lots more to come but I’m getting things as I need them…

That’s it for now… Happy Sailing 🙂

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