“Skipper Rene”

I’m Building a Boat!

It’s time to start one of my BUCKET LIST Items.

On this page I plan on sharing the journey with you every step of the way. You’ll see the good, the bad and the ugly… (Yes even my goofs)

For other would-be boat builders and those who are curious about the details I’m going to list equipment and materials I use and put pictures up about the different stages.

I hope you enjoy it and share your comments with me along the way… Who knows, maybe someday we’ll go fishing in it and catch ourselves a tuna. 🙂

Plans to build the 19′ Quintana Wide Panga


Here’ the write-up about it on Spira International where I bought the blueprints to build it:

The Quintana is a Panga style boat designed to be extra wide for a builder who is planning to use it offshore extensively and to have the ability to take his family cruising in the ocean. The sides are a bit wider as well. This heavy-duty 19 footer should be able to handle the rough water with ease and survive as a highly sable offshore fishing boat.

Here’s an update to this point when I’m building the page on Aug 10th, 2017

  • Accumulated just about all the tools required to build the boat.
  • Cleaned out place in the garage to build it that is very tight but I’ll have a few feet to move around.
  • Bought the plans for the boat about 2 weeks ago from Spira
  • Purchased about 3000 stainless screws from Ebay.
  • Going to purchase all my other supplies as time goes bye.

ESTIMATED DATE OF COMPLETION: May 19th, 2018 just in time for Stripper Season and also my 60th birthday (I know I only look 30, right?)

HERE WE GO – Day #1 Who-Hoo!!!

8saw-horse/10/2017Went to Home Depot: to purchase wood to build the strong-back to hold the frame of the boat, the transom, some of the frame portions and to build 3 saw-horses to create a makeshift table to create the plans to build the 9 frame segments of the boat body structure.

Spent about an hour in the shop building the saw-horses and put a sheet of 1/4 ” plywood on it to build the table.



I’m going to increase the length of the boat to 21 foot. Here’s a picture of a similar one.  Mine will have a center console as well.

8/13/2017 – Built my first 3 of 9 cross section frames yesterday and today after work. (Numbers 3. 4 and 9) Each frame seems to take about  three 2″x4″x8’s to complete. The measuring is a lot more intricate than I expected, but so far so good… Just 6 more to go and then I can begin building my strong-back to attach the frames to in order to complete the boat skeleton.

8/16/2017 – Purchased about 12 more 2x4s for the frames and built a few more.  Only 3 left.  Here’s a few pictures of the frames so you know what I’m talking about:


8/18/2017 Here’s a movie of my progress so far.  I took the video on my cell phone recording straight to YouTube to see how it would work out but it’s pretty pixelated. You can still see what’s going on though.

8/24/2017 – Finished all 9 cross-frames and the transom today.  That’s it below with all the clamps on it. This one was the most difficult to make. Now it’s time to make the strong-back and create the skeleton of the boat.


8/30/2017 – Tools I started with: I mentioned in the beginning of this page that I’d show you the tools and materials used to build the boat so here’s a video I took today showing what I have to this point. Lots more to come but I’m getting things as I need them…

10/22/17 Motivation: Here’s one of my motivations to get the boat built. A pictures worth a thousand words right? Then here’s two thousand.


10/29/17 –  I finally built three sets of bases on wheels to hold up the strong-back.  That’s the form that will be supporting the boat.

oopsFirst Boating Injury: Had an accident:  I didn’t secure the plywood to the 2×8 strong-back and it all fell when I was moving it; onto my right, big toe and broke it.  (Not the strong-back; my toe!  Ouch…)


11/28/17Our First Mate: joined our family today…  Meet “Mitsy”, a 4 month old Maine Coon Cat, ball of fur. Coons are known for loving water and so fare she’s shown that as one of her favorite places to sprawl out is in the tub. If all goes well she’ll be spending lots of time on the boat with Raluca and I.


12/3/17 – I haven’t bee keeping up with my posts but here’s my progress to date:

pic-3Just put this bow plate (above) on today…



It’s getting pretty tight to get around in here.I extended the length of the 19 foot plans to 21 foot. So now I have about 3 feet of room width wise and about 3 feet from front to back.  Luckily I placed the base on wheels so I can push it from side to side to work on it.  I had to get plywood sheets to make a level floor for the wheels to roll lol.

Not sure how much more I’ll be getting done this year as it’s about 30 degrees down there and no heat in the garage.  It’s been challenging to work with a winter coat on.

oops12/03/17 – My first major goofs: I should have waited until this point to cut the notches for the chine rails and sheer clamps rather than doing them when I built each frame. I didn’t take into consideration the curvature of the 1″x3″s and have to re-cut most of them to allow the curve.  Woops. I’ll know what not to do when I build my next one…

There’s been some smaller mistakes along the way such as I finally got my transom attached to the boat last week (very heavy). Then a day later I was moving the boat and hit the transom on some stacked wood which “ripped” the screws out holing it and it fell to the floor.  I’ll be sure to get help lifting it next time I try to attach it…

That’s it for now… Happy Sailing! 🙂

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