Short term

Short Term

Q. What do you want?

Q. When you think of “being happy” what comes to mind? 

A new car, the home of your dreams, a promotion, being an entrepreneur, a super salesman, being rich, having a spectacular relationship, having the time to do what you want and the money to do it with? What’s your definition of happiness?

Mine is “To do whatever I want, as much as I want, whenever I want.”


Ask yourself this question right now. Has your present thought process given you all the things you wanted in life by now? If not, why hasn’t it? What’s missing?

Are you having a hard time putting your finger on the missing ingredient? If you’ve been focusing and trying to become successful for all these years then why aren’t you there yet?

Have you ever heard the saying “What you don’t know wont hurt you?”  WRONG It certainly can and it does! There’s just a few things missing from your equation for success but you may not even be aware of them yet…

“Your mind is the ONLY thing that can give you exactly what you want in Life!”

“Your mind is the ONLY thing standing in your way of what you want in life!”

If your thought process hasn’t given you what you want by now then it’s time to start a new thought process right? Especial since your present one isn’t working. 

If you want to use this marvelous tool (your mind) to get everything you want in life there’s a few “vital” traits you need to become aware of. These are the traits that can get you anything you want in life and also the same ones that stand in your way and block your progress and happiness.

CLICK HERE to learn them now and become a MASTER of your own mind…


Q. What do you really want?

Here’s an exercise for you to do that will help you identify exactly what you want and I think it will shock you to see the results.  I know I was when I first did it.

CLICK HERE to try it and then let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are. They’re sure to help someone else.

“Don’t be shy; that’s what the comment box is for and it looks like a sick duck when it’s empty. “I’m sure you don’t want to be responsible for a duck being sick.”

4 thoughts on “Short term

  1. The exercise is a great idea and not a bad idea to repeat it every now and then as your wants and needs change. It certainly helps to bring your life, or more exactly, where you are going in life into greater clarity. I enjoyed doing it.

    This is a great site which will help a lot of people in their search for personal happiness. It’s a great place to get started because being unhappy is not worth the effort involved.

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