Reverse Paranoid

ecstaticThe World’s Out to Help You

A Reverse Paranoid is someone who feels the world is out to help them!  They feel like everyone and everything is on a mission for them to succeed.  Sounds like an awesome way to think, isn’t it?

Find out what the results of thinking like this would be on a daily basis…

First, you would be constantly attracting what you’re focusing on, which is success and opportunity.

Next, you’d  be happy most of the time, as everything would seem to be going your way.This would cause you to feel grateful, which is the highest frequency of all emotions stepping up your desires even faster.

People would want to be around you since you are putting off so much positive vibes. You’d have more energy, confidence and even better health. How does this sound in comparison to the life you are presently living?

Being a reverse paranoid, like anything else, is a choice.

How could you live this way?  The first step would be to realize that it doesn’t  just happen; you make it happen!

Look at the word happiness as a verb.  It’s an action word, something that you must DO. To be happy, be happy! Happiness is now – not only when something happens later on. You must feed yourself with positive thoughts daily. It’s your fuel to keep you running positively.

Find the positive in any challenge:

What’s the difference between a problem and a challenge? Compare it to the glass being half empty or half full.  It’s how you look at it.

What’s the difference between a challenge and an opportunity? It’s the same kind of perception.  It’s how you look at it.  Think about any challenge facing you… What is the opportunity in that challenge?  What can you learn or benefit from it?

The majority of people have problems, as one leaves another is sure to take its place. These problems can grow so big that they seem unmanageable and can consume you

Positive people have opportunities.  They find the silver lining in every opportunity that arises.  They feel that it was placed in their path to assist them in their growth process.

Everyone, positive or not, experience the same things on a daily basis but either react or act to them differently. Which would you prefer?

Imagine you were on your way to work and you had a flat tire.  How would you react to the situation?

As a problem you may be upset that you’re going to be late and the boss will yell at you. You get so overwhelmed that it’s such an inconvenience.  It’s the “why me?” attitude.

As a challenge you call the travel club and wait for them to come replace the tire knowing that you can call your boss to tell him or her what happened and they’ll understand.

As an opportunity, you can call the travel club to come repair the tire, call your boss to inform him or her about what’s going on and take advantage of the opportunity to relax, make some personal calls and enjoy the break in your day.

Happiness from the inside out

People seem to be looking outside for their happiness. They say if they can have more money they will be happier or once they get a new car, house, girl or boyfriend, job, vacation, dress or telephone.  These may seem like nice things to have but here’s the plain truth of the matter:

“If you’re a miserable person now, even when you get the new toys that you think will make you happy, once you get them you’ll only be a miserable person with a new toy.”

You create your own happiness; it’s not an outside occurrence.

True happiness comes from finding your center.  You could even enjoy happiness if you were in the middle of a battle-zone.  The battle outside has no effect on your inner-self if you don’t allow it to.

Have you ever watched children in a playground riding on one of those round, spinning platform contraptions?  They have safety bars connected to them that the children can hold onto, and the faster you spin them, the faster everyone will go around and around.

The interesting thing is that the kids hanging onto the outer edges of the platform are hanging on as hard as they can so they’re not thrown off of it due to the centrifugal force of the spinning.

The children in the center however seem to be experiencing very little, if any force.  In fact they can even let go of the bars and calmly watch the others being pulled in all directions.  They’re in the center of the ride that seem to be spinning out of control.

Happiness comes from within.  You can be in the center, unaffected by a world spinning out of control. By finding your center I mean to realize that you are in control, unaffected by anything if you choose, because you are the chooser.  Where’s your focus?  On outside influences or on what you want which is happiness?

We live in a turbulent world. Even if you just stayed in your living room all day without leaving you could still be affected by the influence of the entire world through the internet, television, newspapers, radio and the list goes on.

Let’s face it, in order for something to be in the news it must be negative, devastating, criminal, life threatening or otherwise shocking or it wouldn’t get the ratings.  When’s the last time you turned onto Channel 13 News and saw a cover story about a 75 year old woman who baked a chocolate chip cookie that looked just like Elvis.  It may be interesting but not newsworthy. Where’s the shock value?

Rather than focusing on the stress and hardships of the world that you have no control of, focus on yourself, which you can control.  Choose to be happy, choose to see the silver lining in everything, choose to be a Reverse Paranoid!

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