Our Role in the Universal Plan


The Universe, You and Attaining your Dreams

Does the Universe have a plan?  Does it have a purpose, a function?  Actually it does.  The purpose of the Universe is to increase, expand, grow and to constantly become more than it is.   In fact, that’s one constants that can be found in everything.  According to the Universe there is no bad or good, right or wrong, those concepts are man-made.  So growth can be either positive or negative as long as it’s able to become more.

One of the strongest instincts of man and all living creatures is to reproduce.  This instinct has been a prevalent topic that’s been studied, debated, sung about and extensively written of since primitive man to the current day.  Man is extremely driven to reproduce.  He teaches nurtures and protects his young.  In some societies these family units will stay together for as long as three to four generations under the same roof.

Animals also have this instinct as many of them will reproduce and even pair up with the same mate for life.  Animals are also very protective of their families and in many instances have even sacrificed themselves to ensure the safety and growth of their young ones.

You can see this same instinct prevalent in insects, fish and even plants.  Plants grow, flower, turn to seed and then germinate so they can multiply and grow in larger numbers.  Everything increases.

We as human beings want more of everything “good” that we have.  In fact we even want more of the good things that we don’t have as well.  It’s human nature to want increased health, better relationships, better jobs, improved living conditions, more wealth, more happiness, more laughter, longer lives and even more time.  Everything that we have that’s good, we want mo of.

Alignment with Source

If the nature of the Universe or Source is to grow and constantly be more then having more of whatever we want is in harmony with Source.  So to have more of anything such as health, wealth or happiness is in keeping with the alignment or commandments of the Universe, Source or God.  Having less resulting in being destitute, struggling, sickly, depressed, unhappy or in bad relationships must obviously not be in alignment.  It’s in opposition of the very nature of the Universe as well as the purpose of life.  It’s contrary to growth.

It’s amazing to see how some people say it is wrong or against the desires of God to have riches or the finer things in life.  They feel they should live a meager or destitute life of suffering to gain his favor.  This is so far from the truth as even the leaders of the largest religious organizations today live in comfort, drive beautiful luxury cars and meet in buildings that would rival the temples of King Solomon.  So in living a life of squalor, in addition to being out of alignment or favor with the Divine they are only hurting themselves.

By having more of everything, in addition to growing you have the ability to help so many more to grow.  You can teach others by example how to be healthy and happy.  Aspiring to be healthy, wealthy and happy is the most divine of goals.   If you are engaged in this endeavor you’re in harmony with the Universe and it will in turn assist you in ways that you cannot yet imagine.  Being in harmony or in sync with the Universe or Source Energy will only bring you more abundance.  It’s the only thing that can happen.  Being out of alignment will only bring you more lack and misery.

“Here is the formula to success in all things. Align your goals with the universal purpose of increasing your life as well as the lives of others. Be of service to others and by doing so you will receive rewards from the universe beyond your desires.”  Wallace Wattles

So, is what you want in alignment with the Universe?

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