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Current Listing of Books & Products
Created by Rene & Raluca

Self-Help & Business Books

  1. The Hypnosis Self-Help Manual
  2. How to Attract the Life You Want
  3. How to Write Publish & Sell A Book In One Day
  4. Getting Out of Your Mind or Brainwave States, Users Manual for Human Thought(upgraded version)
  5. Build A Top Ranked Website in 60 Days
  6. Triple Your Clients in 30 Days
  7. How to Make $100,000 a Year as a Hypnosis Practitioner
  8. How to Double Your Sales by doing Less

Hypnosis Related Book

  1. Clinical Hypnosis Training Manual from A-Z or (How to Learn Hypnosis in One Week – upgraded version)
  2. The Comedy Hypnosis Bible
  3. The Complete Show Magic Book
  4. Hypnotherapy Scripts I – pdf
  5. Hypnotherapy Scripts II – pdf
  6. Hypnotherapy Scripts III – pdf
  7. Hypnotherapy Scripts IV – pdf
  8. Hypnotherapy Scripts V -pdf
  9. Royalty Free Hypnotherapy Scripts I – pdf
  10. Royalty Free Hypnotherapy Scripts II – pdf
  11. Royalty Free Hypnotherapy Scripts III – pdf – (currently out of print)
  12. Hypnosis Scripts 2.0
  13. The Founders Collection
  14. Weight Loss Script Manual
  15. Sports Hypnosis Scripts
  16. Hypnotherapy Scripts of Hungary
  17. Hypnosis Money Makers
  18. The Everything Self-Hypnosis Book
  19. Past Life Regression and Metaphysical Script Book
  20. AIA Certified Hypnotherapy Scripts
  21. The Successful Hypnotherapist “Pocket Book” – Get a Free Copy Here
  22. Quit Smoking Tobacco Products Hypnosis Script Manual
  23. Fear & Anxiety Hypnosis Script Manual
  24. Inspirational Stories with Embedded Messages – Ericksonian Hypnosis Style
  25. Healing Everything Hypnosis Script Manual – Royalty Free
  26. Stress & Anxiety Hypnosis Script Manual
  27. Wealth & Abundance Hypnosis Script Manual

Private Trade Books / Manuals (These manuals are only included in our courses)

  1. The Past Life Regression Travel Book
  2. Advanced Hypnosis Workbook
  3. Hypnosis Instructor Manual I
  4. Hypnosis Instructor Manual II
  5. Wake-up and See Who You Are, The Secret Keys

Home Study & Certification Courses

  1. Hypnosis Certification Home Study Course
  2. Hypnosis Instructor Certification Home Study Course
  3. Past Life Regression Home Study Course 
  4. Metaphysics Practitioner Home Study Course 
  5. Advanced Hypnosis Techniques Home Course  
  6. Age Regression Hypnosis Certification 
  7. Comedy Hypnosis Home Study Course
  8. Telephone Hypnosis Home Study Course 
  9. Hypnotic Marketing Home Study Course  
  10. The Ultimate Self-Healing Program
  11. How-to Create Your Own EBook Course   
  12. Smoking Cessation Practitioner Certification 
  13. Making Money with Hypnosis Home Course 
  14. Start a Hypnosis MP3 & CD Sessions Business  
  15. Create Your Own Pa$$ive Income Membership Site  
  16. Become a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner  
  17. The Self-Image Home Study Course
  18. How-to Conduct a Successful Hypnosis Session & NEVER Miss
  19. Stress Reduction Certification Home Course
  20. Group Hypnosis Webinar Home Course  
  21. Hypnotic Parenting 101 Home Course  
  22. Psychic Development Home Training Course
  23. Covert Hypnosis Home Training Course
  24. Dating Confidence Home Study Course
  25. Hypnosis for Children – Pediatric Hypnosis Certification Course

Live Classroom Certification Courses


  • 3 Day Live Individual Hypnosis Certification Course
  • 6 Day Group, in Classroom Training



  • 110 Complete MP3 Hypnosis Sessions for just about any title imaginable. Simply click on the link, close your eyes, listen and change your life.

Hypnosis Association Membership


  • AIA Membership Association including thousands of dollars of courses, training materials, books, videos and more for about fifty cents a day!


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