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meltdown-banner Hi I’m Rene and I am trying to get down to my original weight of 8lbs 6oz he he… Join me as I work on becoming less of the person that I am today.

19623344_1484224511597582_6742018758207864832_nI’ve tried tons of diets, fads, programs, pills and gimmicks throughout the years without too much success and “finally” I understand what I did wrong and most importantly; how to fix it. So now I’m showing my journey to the world to see and hopefully help a few of you along the way as well.

I’ve had a few hurdles to overcome right from the beginning which I’ll tell;you about later but the best time to get started is NOW.  Guess what… next weeks going to come whether you get started or now so Why not be on your way to success when it gets here rather than saying, “Darn, I wish I’d got started!”

19052085_129560520956693_7051432638912921600_nI’ll be working on FOUR basic principles:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Mindset and
  4. Reporting

  Let me break those down for you, tell you what’ I’m doing and how you can get involved and lose with me if you like.


Let’s face it; “I never met a meal I didn’t like!” Does that sound familiar?

If I keep on eating the same way I’ve been eating for the next 2 years that I did the last two years then two years from now I’ll be in the same spot I’m in now! Over-weight, tired and in need of a change!

So here’s where I’m starting…

June 2, 2017 – I’ve decided to eat a low carbohydrate diet and see where it goes. To make sure I remember to do that I’m posting pictures of what I eat each day on my Instagram Page that you can get to by CLICKING HERE. You’ll also see my weekly weigh in there to follow my progress.

Here’s some samples of meals:

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I bet you’re hungry now, right? Who says losing weight can’t be great???

By the way, I actually released the critter in the last picture so don’t worry about his well-being.  He’s still growing big and strong in the lake where I found him…

You can “follow” me there and even comment on what you’re doing so we can share notes, recipes and even encourage each other.


August 22, 2017 – Notice I haven’t started exercising yet as I hurt my back on and off for about 2 months which made me stop excessive walking and even quit swimming at the gym. It’s getting better now so I’m getting more active and will start “daily” exercise soon.

I’ve still lost over 20 pounds by simply changing my diet… “Yeah!”

Find something you can do and do a little bit of it at least 4 – 5 days a week…

Maybe: walking, swimming, lifting weights, yoga, tai-chi, going up and down stairs or whatever you like.  I enjoy walking around in shopping malls and large chain stores while Raluca shops and with her shopping habits I get a lot of time to do it. (I hope she doesn’t read this!)


angerThe Mindset part of the program is designed to help me change the way I think and feel about me, my health and food. Remember, thoughts become things and it’s your past thoughts that created the person you are today.

By changing your thought process and through repetition of this process you’ll be developing the person you want to become.

This is done through Hypnosis Session and Affirmations

I’m lucky enough to have Raluca here to give me the occasional “live” session but normally I listen to the weight loss mp3s she created in our weight loss course. This way I can do it whenever I want or can find the time.

NOTE: I think it’s important that you don’t try to do “Everything” all at once so you don’t get overwhelmed.  Do one part like the healthy eating for about a month until you create a habit of it then move onto the next one…

“Slow and steady wins the race…” Just ask the turtle.

If you’d like to use the same weight loss mp3s that I’m using you can get Raluca’s set of eight to cover virtually every aspect of health weight loss by CLICKING HERE.



This is the part that’s missing from just about every failure story I hear.  Mine as well. They had no reporting to anyone to ensure they stay with it.  If no-one knows you’re trying to lose weight and it starts to get tough then it’s very easy to quit because no one will know.


If you told EVERYONE that you’re finally going to lose it all and be successful this time… now if you get weak you keep going just out of the embarrassment that you’ll have to face!

You’ll also get encouragement, people who want to join you, help you and support you. You’ll suddenly find out that lots of other people think the same way about food as you did and they’ll come out of the woodwork to speak with you about it.

Even though you’re on this journey yourself you’ll feel like you’re a weight loss Guru as well being able to help so many others that join you. It’s much easier to say, “Come do this with me” rather than saying “Go do this; it should work for you!”

So, with that said… if you want to join me just let me know by emailing me at and tell me what you have in mind to do. I’m going to eventually build a private Facebook group where you can join me plus you can follow me on Instagram too. In the meantime I’ll put you on a waiting list to let you know as soon as the group page is ready to join…

That’s it for now… Keep checking back to see my progress and be sure to say hello in the comments below so I know you’re out there… Remember I need the support.

Have a spectacular day…


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