I Believe

I Believe

These are a few of my inner thoughts, beliefs and ramblings.  I’ll keep on adding more as I become inspired.  I’d love to hear your “positive” thoughts in the comments below.  As my father used to say;

“If you have nothing positive to say then say nothing.”

I Believe in All Things:  I believe there’s nothing in this universe greater than you or me or a river or a tree.  We’re all part of the same source energy. (wow, that rhymes) Everyone and everything is made of matter or energy or universal stuff.  We are one, we are “the” one…  We are Oneness.

Death & Eternity: Energy can’t be destroyed, eliminated or created but it can be changed, altered and molded.  It will always exist and always has. So if we’re made of this same energy then we’re also eternal.  We’ll always exist and can never cease to be die… There’s no need for living a certain way, repenting, redeeming or passing any tests… we’re already and always have been eternal.

Awareness: We as humans are a vehicle of consciousness. We give the Universe awareness into our realm. I believe there are many other vehicles or outlets that do this and many other realms of awareness that we don’t have access to. Just as there are many ranges of light and sound that we have no access to.

Gift of Thought: Our subconscious mind gives us this connection or live access to the universe so we can grow and communicate through the power of thought. The gift of thought is the greatest of all the gifts we possess. With this thought we can create, do or become anything we can imagine.

Purpose:  Our purpose on this earth is to grow, expand and become more thereby allowing the universe to expand through us. Increasing in health, wealth and happiness is our birthright and mission.

Negative:  There’s no negative; there is no right or wrong.  Those are created of man, the ego and create separateness from source. There’s only expansion.  There’s only progression. Darkness does not exist as it is only the absence of light.

Truth:  There’s truth everywhere but there is no absolute truth.  They’re all partial truths. They’re all based on the perceptions of the individual. There are three sides to everything.  There’s your side, my side and the reality that’s also not absolute.

Conscious Limitation: Subconsciously we can understand this but consciously we’re not able to as we’re extremely limited by our past memories, our education and understanding of our environment.  We can only receive a limited amount of input and respond to input according to our biased mental processing.

Religion: Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and all other religions have great books, ideals and wise leaders. They all teach truth according to their limited understanding and to those who believe but they can’t all be right or they would all be wrong.  They teach similar concepts through their various vehicles, such as love, service and hope. As with any perception, each feels they are right and combined with their environmental programming and repetition can become habitual and eventually ultimate truth or belief in the mind of the beholder.

Victimization Cycle: Those having this ultimate belief often feel they have to share it and convert others to the same belief even to the extent of fighting to defend or expand it.  As a result Religion has become the cause of more arguments, pain, war, persecution, injustice and murder than virtually any other cause. It gives people a reason to do unmentionable evils in the name of their belief thereby relinquishing their personal responsibility and becoming victims to these same organizations that they serve.

Being victims of the organizations gives the leaders the opportunity to take advantage of their members to exploit for riches, power and the furthering of their political gains under the guise of deity and salvation, with penalties of exile and eternal damnation for those who don’t conform.

Those who follow blindly are taught they’ll be rewarded for their sacrifices and blind obedience in the hereafter with everything ranging from eternal bliss to being surrounded by available virgins and virtually everything else in between.  The reward is believed to be so great in the afterlife that many will gladly give up their happiness in life in present to attain it.

Environmental Opportunity: I believe that the core of these strong religious beliefs are a great way to control a society by adopting them into government, family and business by having people conform to rules and regulations.

Government: Many governments base their politics on religious rhetoric such as “In God we Trust” printed on money and having religious freedoms written into their constitutions as a way to enhance this blind faith in them as well.  This allows them to create strong militaries that feel they are fighting for their beliefs that will be so much more devoted. Government eventually can become as important in the belief system as religion by piggy packing on the same concepts.

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