The Golden Buddha


You Are the Golden Buddha

In Bangkok Thailand there is a place called the Temple of the Golden Buddha.  The Buddha that sets in the middle of this temple has a very interesting history and it is also made of solid gold.

Approximately 900 years ago when the Burmese were about to attack the city of Ayutthaya, the monks there were afraid that the Burmese would steal their golden statue so they decided to cover it with about ten inches of clay.

This was actually what most of the Buddha statues were made of in that time so covering this statue with clay would raise no attention.  As a result of the attack the statue had not been noticed by the Burmese military however they did kill all of the monks thereby leaving no survivors to tell the story of how there was a Golden Buddha secretly hidden under the clay.

Two centuries later in 1957 the statue was being moved in a wooden crate to a new temple in Bangkok.  It was thought to have very little worth. Upon arrival the workmen who were moving it with a large crane lowered it and left it in the mud to finish the move in the morning since it was raining and getting dark.  The crate was covered with plastic tarps for the evening.  Early the next morning one of the monks upon examining the condition of the statue noticed that there was a crack in its surface.  Looking into the crack in the clay with a lantern he noticed what appeared to be something yellow and shining.  He called the other monks and they began to remove the clay carefully to discover that the statue was made of pure gold.

You are very similar to the statue.  You are perfection inside.  Everything you need to attain your goals of health, wealth, relationships or happiness is already there.  It has simply been covered with years of conditioning, experiences and decisions (clay).  In order to get back to the perfection inside, you simply need to chisel off the clay.  It’s a matter of digging through the negative conditioning and experiences of your life so you can uncover the true you.

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