Goal Setting

How to Create Goals
and Attain Them

Q. What would you like to accomplish before you leave this existence?

Visit the Great wall of China, the Pyramids in Giza, Spend a week in Hawaii, fishing salmon in Alaska, taking a zip-line over Niagara Falls? These are all on my list BTW. Maybe you want to be a six-figure public speaker or start your own business…

Q. What would you like to accomplish by next week or next month?

Q. What’s holding you back?

Q. Have you done any of your bucket list items yet?

orderingOne of the BIGGEST problems I’ve seen in my years of speaking to people about goals is that so few people have them. They want to be rich, have better jobs, spectacular relationships or even heal from disorders but haven’t made a plan of how to do it.

It’s like spending the day sitting in a restaurant and wondering why you never get served. In order to get served you need to “Place an Order”. If you don’t place your order the food will never come! Goals work the same way.

It’s similar to the Law of Cause and Effect. Cause being the thought of what you want and effect being the results. Without the thought you’ll never get the results. Thought always precedes the action. Try to think of anything in this world that didn’t begin with a thought. Things just don’t happen by themselves. You need to place your order first…

Q. Have you placed your order? Do you even know how?

Let’s work on it together…

Here’s a powerful outline you can use to attract anything into your life and a surefire way to MAKE SURE you get it!

WOW, That’s a TALL order but I plan on delivering my promise with a SECRET WEAPON that you may have never heard of… More about that later on…


First let’s look at the menu and prepare to place the order.

DESIRE: (What do I want?)

You must have a detailed description of exactly what you want and how you wish to accomplish it. You may find that to plan your goal properly it might take several hours to an entire day. It’s important not to rush it so you can take the time to be as clear and precise as possible.

Once you’ve chosen a goal it’s important to take the time to write it down clearly on paper. There’s a major difference between typing your goal and writing it out by hand. The art of writing it out personalizes your goal and helps you to ensure that it’s mentally accepted. Writing things is also a form of auto-suggestion that allows you to use your imagination and begin the process of imprinting the goal within your subconscious mind through the use of imagination.


What’s the purpose of it and what’s the benefit? Will this goal benefit society? More importantly will this goal benefit you? (It doesn’t have to but you have to admit it’s an interesting question) If it’s not going to benefit you in any way then what’s your motivation? The most important person in your life is you. Be sure to make yourself happy!

RESEARCH: (Identify Obstacles I must overcome)

Look into it and research the details. You may find in your process that it’s not really something you want to do after all. Then you can stop wasting your valuable time and work on something else. Or on the other hand you may find you like the idea even more…

It’s important to identify and address any obstacles that exist rather than ignoring them. Ignoring obstacles or hindrances won’t make them go away. Proof of that point would be to try and ignore the police officer at your window the next time you get stopped for speeding.

How do you plan on dealing with each one of the obstacles?


HELP: (List people, groups materials, things, finances or anything you may require)

What do you think you’ll need in the area of assistance or anything outside of your control such as materials, professional help or specialized equipment? Does it require renting a building, office or warehouse space? Is there paperwork, a computer or books required to research?

In the case of starting a business you may need assistance in the way of an accountant, business attorney or possibly approval from city councilmen, code enforcement officers or law enforcement officials. Will you need assistance from friends, relatives or neighbors in order to attain your goal? Will you have to hire plumbers, carpenters, contractors, electricians, food service personnel, caterers, maintenance people or instructors?

KNOWLEDGE: What’s required to do what I want to do?

Maybe your goal is a new job or career and you need to take some specialty courses before getting going. Maybe you can hire someone to get the knowledge required. Are there any licensing or preliminary requirements required? Do you have to be in a certain area for it to work?


Create a detailed plan of everything that must be done to attain your goal. The difference between success and failure is having a plan and taking action. You must create an ACTION PLAN and then execute that plan.


“A goal is a dream with a deadline” Napoleon Hill

Set dates as to when you expect to accomplish various parts of your goal. If it’s a big goal you may want to break it down in smaller portions having several dates set up in increments along the way. Remember your goal has to be believable in order to be attainable, so breaking it down into believable portions can be the difference between success and failure.

Reporting is a vital step in the process of success. This is one of the steps that’s usually missing in most goals that fail. It’s important to find someone who can help you by being the person that you report to on a periodic basis to show your progress and to ensure that you meet your deadlines. They can also be used as a sounding board should you run into any snags along the way.


A statement of intent is designed to assist you in utilizing your imagination to attract and accomplish your goal by participating in exercises where you can successfully imagine yourself as already having accomplished your goal.

In order to attract your goal you must convince your mind that you’ve already accomplished it through imagining that you’ve done so. The theory here is that:

The subconscious mind doesn’t understand the difference between a real and an imagined memory.”

This is where you can bring it to life as much as possible by creating a vision board of some type. This can be on a poster board on the wall in your house, on your computer or even on this webpage in the comment section. Get pictures, details, charts or what ever you can to help you imagine it in your mind.


The next step is to place your order. Memorize your STATEMENT OF INTENT and recite it to yourself repetitively for about five minutes, at least twice a day as you would affirmations, preferably in the morning when you get up and the second time just before you go to bed. By doing this just before you go to bed your subconscious mind will be able to reflect on it throughout the night, greatly enhancing its power.

Be Emotional: Your attitude determines your altitude. Emotions are among the highest vibrations available to man. By attaching positive emotions to your imagination you’re greatly accelerating the process.


This is what stands in the way of most people succeeding in attaining their goals. It’s so important to understand that I’ve created a seven minute audio to describe it in detail.

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.Q. So how long do you keep on focusing?

Until you get it. Think of it this way. Every time a missile (your goal) is fired, it will “always, always, always” hit something. It can either hit your mark or something you don’t want but it will be sure to HIT. The result is totally up to you. If you’re not sure what that means then you didn’t listen to the TOP SECRET AUDIO. Go do it now… 🙂

*** Report your Goals and Deadlines in the COMMENTS below so we can help you keep track of them. Who knows, maybe your goals and someone else’s will sync or you may get the help or advice you needed from our readers. Someone may even help or join you on your journey…

Good Luck with your Goals!