Goal Attracting Process

mind-traitsThree Mind Traits that can Make or Break Your Goals

I’d like to speak to you about some very important traits of the subconscious mind that can make or break your goal attracting process

The first trait is: Obedience

The subconscious mind is similar to an “Out of Control Genie” granting you every wish as you focus on them; not just the positive ones but the negative ones as well. It will always grant you or attract to you whatever the conscious mind focuses on. That’s its driving force or mission. It must always give you what you focus on. It can’t, not do that.

With this aspect you can see that The Universal Law of Attraction (like attracts like) is a basic function of the subconscious mind as well. It’s not an outside occurrence rather it’s an internal subconscious function of thought.

So if you’re continually focusing on health, you’ll receive health. If you’re continually focusing on wealth, you’ll receive wealth. Whatever you focus on and truly desire will always be drawn to you, however what happens in most occurrences is that when you’re focusing on wealth and have “placed your order” for it to come to you, you may also be focusing on doubt, unworthiness, fear, change, and a host of other negative thoughts that will oppose or sidetrack your initial focus of wealth. Even though the wealth is coming to you, you’re pushing the focus away with many of your opposing thoughts. This is why it’s vitally important to only focus on what you want and not on what you don’t. Once you focus on something, you must continually believe that it’s coming and eliminate any forms of doubt or distraction.

The Second is: The subconscious mind doesn’t understand negative.

Words like no, not, don’t and can’t are not part of its vocabulary. Here’s a quick example: right now don’t think of a purple monkey, jumping up and down on top of your desk playing the guitar!

“Did you think of it?”
“Of course you did.”
“In order to not think of something, you must think of what not to think about.”

There’s the key!

When you’re focusing on something like not wanting to be broke, your focus is on “being broke”. When someone says that they really don’t want a divorce, they’re focusing on “a divorce” and since it’s the duty of the subconscious mind to always give you what you focus on like an out-of-control Genie; that’s exactly what’s being attracted to you. Eliminate all negatives from your speech and focus.

Imagine a five-year-old child walking towards you holding your most expensive crystal glass filled to the rim with water and as soon as you say the statement “don’t drop that!” they’ll immediately drop it. Their focus was on drop that. Another example is; when you’re walking through a room and someone yells out, “don’t look!” Your first impulse is to look. Once again in order to not do something you must focus on what not to do.

The third trait is Timelessness

The Subconscious world is only in the present – the now

In the subconscious mind there’s no sense of past or future. There’s only the “now”. In fact people who have relaxed in the true subconscious sense either through meditation or deep hypnosis will often return to consciousness feeling a sense of missing time which is often accompanied by amnesia. In the subconscious mind there’s no time. The concepts of future and past only exist in the conscious or physical world.

The importance of this where it comes to self-help is that anything you desire will always be granted immediately. When you focus on the statement “I want to be healthy.” The subconscious mind understands it as if you want to be healthy at some future time. So the subconscious as a 5- year-old child will probably respond with something like “When you’re ready to be healthy, let me know and I’ll grant it then.” Rather than saying that you want to be healthy you must say, “I am healthy.” When you say statements like you want to be healthy, wealthy, happy or have a great relationship, you’re asking for something to happen later on.

Therefore with every statement you make be sure your suggestion is in the now. Everything will be granted in the now if you believe it will be. What I mean by that is as long as you don’t have negatives such as cross frequencies of doubt, unworthiness or fear in the way derailing you.

Whenever I teach this part of the lesson people usually ask me something like, “So you’re telling me that I need to lie to myself? If I’m not feeling well and want to feel better then I must ignore how I feel and say, I feel great?” My answer to this is a resounding “YES!” Virtually everything in life is slanted through your personal perception and changed even more by the reality of the persons programming who’s receiving it.

You must only focus on what you want and not on what’s physically apparent. The sickness is not who you are. You’re a perfect, healthy and happy being. The sickness is only a symptom of improper thinking. This will be discussed in detail in our section on health.

Just remember the term: “Fake it until you make it!

Whatever you want whether it be health, wealth or happiness, you must speak, focus, act and even believe that you already have it and it will be yours.

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