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Welcome to the Self-Image Crash Course
(This course will take about 20 minutes to complete but the results could change your life!)

In this video I’ll cover 6 techniques you can use to create immediate change in your Self-Image

First thing you need to do is to EVALUATE yourself so you can find out what you need to work on if anything…Here’s a short 15 question test I’d like you to take and please write your answers down so you can tally them up afterwards.


The QUESTIONS (You can follow along if you like to keep track)

1. I’m always afraid that my relationships are going to fail.
2. When I look in the mirror I don’t like what I see.
3. I criticize myself often.
4. It’s hard for me to forgive people and let go.
5. I feel like I’m not as good as others if I don’t do things as well as them.
6. My glass always seems half-empty, not half-full.
7. I always seem to be apologizing for things.
8. If I didn’t finish something completely I feel like I failed.
9. II often feel left out and inadequate.
10. I usually think that I “should” be doing this or that.
11. I let other people’s thoughts of me affect how I feel about myself.
12. I always feel like I’m letting people down.
13. In addition to being critical of my mistakes I have difficulty letting go.
14. I’m always trying to please people.
15. I don’t feel like I did a good job unless someone else tells me I did.


How many questions did you answer YES to?

0-5: You have a very healthy self-image. We’d like to hear your secret!
6-10: You may be struggling with some important issues. Consider using positive affirmations or some of the techniques we’ll be covering here.
11-15: It’s time for a major overhaul of your thought process! Don’t worry it can be done and it’s easier than you think… Watch more and you’ll see!


Here’s a brief rundown of the SIX things you can do to start some major changes in your thought process RIGHT NOW that will improve your self-image.

You’ll find much more DETAILS & OPTIONS inside…

  1. A POWERFUL technique to immediately stop dragging yourself down
  2. How to look into the mirror and begin liking what you see.
  3. Something good in everyone GAME!
  4. Stop Shoulding on yourself…
  5. Creating your personal protective suit of armor.
  6. Creating Permanent Habits – the BIG guns!

An interactive demonstration so show you how suggestible or resistant to change you are!

3 thoughts on “Crash Course Video

  1. Rene you have outdone yourself with this crash course.

    I scored a 2 and that’s based on the assumption that the questions were meant to be …do you feel this way most of the time not all of the time.

    As always you give 6 Jedi Mind Tricks aka Mind hacks to build one’s self esteem and better one’s quality of life!


    • Thank Jerome, I guess my years studying with the Jedi Masters worked out. 🙂 Your present self-image has a direct reflection of how you see the world. In order to live in a better, happier world simply improve your self image and that’s what the course is about. May the Force be with you…

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