Contact Us

It’s So Easy to Contact Us!

tin-can-telephoneHere’s SEVEN methods you can use…

  1. Use the email address at the BOTTOM of each page. (best method – We respond within 24 business hours unless abducted by aliens)
  2. Use the Free Voicemail at the RIGHT of each page. (Next best – It’s free and easy)
  3. Use the phone number at the BOTTOM of each page. (Remember, we live in Maine… Not as reliable)
  4. Send up Smoke Signals. (If we’re looking towards the sky and have a translator, you’re in luck)
  5. Use a can on a string. (You’ll have to set that one up in advanced and install your own string)
  6. Go to the top of a really tall mountain and yell your message as loud as possible. (You’ll feel better)
  7. Stand on your right foot and think of us really hard while twirling. (Be sure to have someone take a picture)