The Chicken or the Egg Answer is Here!

chicken eggThe Chicken Came First (In my reality only)

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Neither, either or both!  Actually the thought came first. In the Quantum World not only is thought energy but also the chicken and the egg.  Therefore it’s all a matter of perception or preference, isn’t it?  If you imagined that the chicken came first, then it did.  If someone else imagined the egg did then they’re right also.  If everyone has a different reality, a different perspective of the same stimuli then who’s to say who’s right or wrong?

In order to describe the workings of the human mind in relation to thought it’s first important to understand the concept of how we live in two different worlds simultaneously.  They’re the Physical World that we as solid beings are familiar with on a daily basis and the Quantum World of miniatures where everything is broken down to its smallest component.

The Observer and the Observed

In the physical world we coexist with the universe as separate beings.  We’ll call these the Observed and the Observer.  In your perspective, as you’re reading this, you’re the observer.  This article, everything and everyone that you can see are the observed. This is what causes the separation that we have come to know as humans.  This is what gives us the sense of “I” or the sense of being an individual.  Is this sense of separateness reality or is it simply an illusion?  As you’re looking at me you’re the observer and I’m the observed however in my perspective I’m the observer and you are the observed.  Can they both be true or are they both illusions?

We as observers make choices on a constant basis.  Even though every possibility that could ever exist does exist in the Quantum World, once we, the observer come into play, the unlimited possibilities become only one possibility.  The mere action of being observed collapses the field of possibilities to one at a time, then another and another.  This is because the Observer only exists in the Physical World.  The choices you make create “your” reality.  With all of the people on this planet there are no two realities that are exactly the same.

Here’s an example of how this collapsing of the quantum field can be explained.  Imagine you were driving down the road and knew there was an intersection coming up ahead of you.  As you let your imagination run free you could imagine the many possibilities that can be taking place at that intersection before you arrive.   You can turn left, right or go straight.  You can have a flat tire in the middle of it.  There could be a marching band traveling through.  It could be out due to construction.  You can even turn around and drive back the way you came from.  There are unlimited choices in this world of possibilities and they’re all happening at once.  Now as you drive up to the intersection, you stop at the light and drive through it.  As you’re a physical being in this Physical World, you as the Observer could only observe “one” of the possibilities, which was the one you chose.  The process of choosing one collapsed or eliminated all of the other possibilities.

If you stopped, turned around and faced the intersection again but had your eyes closed, all of the possibilities would return again as well.  Closing your eyes eliminated The Observer.  Opening them creates the separation from Source and eliminates all but one possibility as before.   It’s the process of observing that creates separation from Source and collapses all possibilities but one.

The reality that you’re living in right now came about as the result of your past conditioning.  Whatever you have come to know as truth, whatever belief systems, preferences or understandings you have from your past is your present reality.  Whatever your new conditioning or understandings are now will be your future reality.  Your reality can stay the same or change drastically.  It’s all up to you.  It is all a matter of perception. Your choices are unlimited!

So what’s your reality; The chicken or the egg?

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