Being Yourself


 You’re Unique, Just Like Everyone else!

I was walking along the beach this morning deep in thought when something up ahead caught my attention. Sitting on top of this endless beach of fine, white sand was a small round object. As I approached my curiosity began to grow and it stood out from anything else around it like a shining beacon…

Then I picked it up and upon examination I realized it was a little round sponge washed ashore by the waves.

I stood there examining it for a while in my own little world. Where did it come from? Had it been in the ocean for months traveling through all the tidal currents or did it originate just a few yards away? I studied the beauty of its shape and texture being careful not to damage it. Then of course as you can see I took a couple pictures of it and placed it back where I found it allowing it to continue its journeys.

Why am I writing about something so insignificant you might ask? It got me thinking about how unique we all are as human beings. There’s so many of us and oftentimes I see people who say they feel insignificant as if they don’t matter. They feel as if they’re like everyone else and just don’t stand out in any ways but they couldn’t be more wrong. Thus the reason for this article!

“You’re an individual and matter just like everyone else.”

I thought I’d use a silly title like this to describe a serious concept. We are all individuals and we do “all” matter but “not” like everyone else.

You are the only person out of billions that is exactly like you.

No one can be better at being you than you are.

You’re perfect just the way you are… Yes some people have issues but it’s important to separate what you are with you behavior; two different things.

Remember when anyone points the finger at you complaining about anything it is simply a reflection of what they don’t like in themselves. Don’t let them bring you down and keep in mind that it’s “their” agenda, not yours.

Finally, just like that sponge that brought me a bit of happiness on the beach you too have the ability to make people happy.

If you don’t believe me then just take a moment right now to stare at yourself in the mirror with the biggest smile on your face that you can and keep staring to see what happen. I dare you to! If you’re like most of us breathing individuals out there you to will begin to laugh.

Try it and keep your eyes open for beauty in simple places.

Thanks for joining me and please share this article with your friends.

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