Are you Playing the Victim?

victimThe Victim Game

No one is “naturally” a victim.  No one is born a victim. They must become a victim.  Being a victim is a choice just as not being a victim is a choice.  It’s a game that people play to rationalize their behavior, give them attention and excuse them from being successful or to find the easy way out.

Here’s one of the most important lessons that you can ever learn…

“In order to be truly successful in any undertaking you must take 100% responsibility for yourself. Victims cannot be truly successful.”

One of the major things that stand in people’s way of progress or attaining their goals is the lack of taking responsibility for their own lives.  This is also known as “using the victim excuse”.

The victim game comes into play when you feel that you need to place blame, justify or complain about why things are the way they are in your life.   Do you know of anyone who plays this game?  Someone who is heard to say; “Poor me.  Why do things like this always happen to me?  It’s not my fault, or I just can’t help it.”

When you are playing the “Poor me” routine you’re attracting to yourself exactly what you place your thoughts, focus and attention on. You in turn will draw more of that negativity to you.

Playing the role of the victim alleviates the stress of failure.  It’s an excuse to not have to take responsibility or to achieve.  Victims are people pleasers.  They want to be noticed and crave attention.  Victims are primarily and almost entirely concerned about themselves; the “It’s all about me” attitude.

Here are the three main characteristics of being a victim.

1.  Blame – People who usually play the victim game are very good at placing the blame on others for their problems or failures.  They are professionals at finding someone to point the finger at.

You are either a victim or the target of a victim.  Victims are notorious at blaming their spouse, family, parents, religion, society, employer, government, customers, God, the devil and even their tennis racquets for their shortcomings.

2.  Justify – They tend to say things like: “Money’s not that important to me.”  If money were not important to them then they would not be seeking after it constantly.  You will also find that those that say money is not important to them are most likely broke.  It is a justification of their not having enough money for their needs.

Another one is, “I don’t really need friends anyway.”  This is a classic for those who cannot get friends for whatever reason.  It is a justification of what they cannot acquire.  Remember the basic rule of the Subconscious mind, whatever you focus your attention on you attract to you.

3.  Complaining – Most people who complain all the time tend to have or think they have tough lives.  After all, what are they attracting to them but more of what they are complaining about?

Some people love to complain and seek out the companionship of others who love to complain as well.  They sit and listen to each other just waiting for their turn to complain about what is bad in their lives.  Negative energy is very contagious!

Do you find yourself being a victim? Don’t you think it’s time to stop playing the game?

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